Warm Broccoli And Goats Cheese Salad Recipe



Warm Broccoli and Goats Cheese Salad Recipe A really easy side dish or meal on its own. Broccoli and carrot topped with goats cheese for a bit of a tang and drizzled with extra virgin cold pressed olive oil and a bit of ginger thrown into the mix. Eat it on its own or served with poached or fried eggs or as a side salad for a main meal. Healthy, easy and delicious my three favourite things to combine!


I needed something really easy tasty and healthy after the school holidays and a weekend away for our daughters 21st. I cant believe I have a 21 year old it didn’t seem that long ago that she was little and I was picking her up from school. That makes me feel sad they grow up so quickly, all the sleepless nights, school assemblies, sibling rivalry (that still happens age doesn’t change that) runny noses, birthday parties, it all goes in a blink. My only regret is not knowing what I know now about food but that’s okay you do the best with what you know at the time and you shouldn’t live with regrets life is far too short!!


I love Instagram and I look at all these amazing accounts and they seem to have the perfect lives and are fit and healthy and never eat bad things, well I know that’s not true. We are all human and there is no such thing as perfect, some people might think they are though. Like I have probably said before I eat well 95% of the time except over the past few weeks I had some serious blow outs but you know what its okay as long as I don’t continue doing it all the time. Its been scientifically proven that your thoughts are actually more important than what you eat, if you feel guilty about eating something the thought will do more harm to your body than the actual food will, so if I have something that isn’t that great I really enjoy it and don’t beat myself up over it.

Anyway I needed something healthy so I threw this combination together. I often eat eggs for breakfast and I always serve some greens with them, I also add some type of good fat, why you ask?

Sarah Wilson –  Add fat to your veggies.

Most people increase their vegetable consumption when trying to lose weight, but you can’t properly absorb the essential vitamins A, E, D and K without fats,” explains Sarah. “Notice how the Greeks and French eat their meals with butter and olive oil? Do as they do!”

Try: Drizzle olive oil on your salad and butter on your greens. Or add avocado to a green vegetable smoothie.

Here is the Warm Broccoli and Goats Cheese Salad Recipe


Author: The Easy Healthy Way
Recipe type: Side Dish
  • 1 Head of Broccoli
  • 2 medium size carrots
  • 1 tsp ground ginger or fresh
  • 2 TBS cold pressed olive oil
  • 1 TBS goats cheese
  1. Cut broccoli into florets
  2. Use a julienne peeler for carrots or grate
  3. Gently heat 1TBS of the olive oil in a frypan or skillet
  4. saute broccoli and carrot and ginger on low to medium heat
  5. When slighlty soft serve and top with broken pieces of goats cheese and drizzle with the remaining olive oil.

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